List of EB-5 Reports ECA Has Prepared by Type of Industry
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
Dairy Farm
Store and process field crops

Natural Resources
Drilling for oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids, TX, LA, MT, ND
Gold mines
Copper mines
Salt mines
Extraction of lithium compounds from the Salton Sea (CA)
Coal mines -- WV

Wind Farm
Geothermal Energy Plant
Electric Power plant
Solar farms
Wastewater treatment plant

Residential Construction
Single-family residences
Apartment buildings
Construction companies
Plumbing and HVAC contractor
Time-sharing resorts
“Timber to homes” residential building project
Solar panels for residences, Louisiana
Residential and commercial steel modular buildings

Renovation of Oakland CA waterfront
Master plan project for Treasure Island, San Francisco
Interchange for Pennsylvania turnpike
Renovating infrastructure at the George Washington Bridge, NYC
Sports stadium in Washington, D. C. 
Renovating Brooklyn Navy Yard
Expanding facilities in the Port of Baltimore

Biotech manufacturing
High-tech automotive
Yarn-spinning plant
Manufacturing electric motor vehicles
Biofuels plant
Oil refinery
Bottling cap plant
Steel fabrication plant
Synthetic coke (coal) facility for steel manufacturing
Wood pellet mill for export to Europe
Wood pellets for heating
Steel fabrication Center
Boat for cleaning and processing fish
Facility for bio-trials
Steel mill in Arkansas
Aircraft manufacturing plant
Alternative fuels plant
Aircraft manufacturing plant
Kosher cheese plant
Residential and commercial steel modular buildings
Hybrid car manufacturing plant
Wind turbine manufacturing plants
Automobile parts plant (Kia)
Semiconductor mfg plant
High-tech company for optical displays
Manufacturing dental implants
Online video game company
Motor vehicle assembly plant
Green box facility to process waste materials
Mfg plant to produce more energy-efficient lighting

Tire recycling

Wholesale and Retail Trade
Retail Shopping Malls, in many cities as well as in Guam
Wholesale food distribution center

Industrial Warehouse
Livery Service in Queens
“Green” taxi service in NYC
Louisiana shipyard

Motion Pictures and TV
Discovery New York entertainment center
Film and TV production in Miami, FL
Film production in Louisiana
Film production in New Mexico
Film production of “tent pole” movies in New York City
Film and TV production in Los Angeles
Film and TV production in Miami, FL
Theater to show old Broadway hits, NYC

Financial Services
Insurance Companies, general
Insurance company for homes
Insurance company for pet insurance
Life insurance agents
Professional and Administrative Services
Accounting Firms
Call Center for Blue Cross
Call center for U.S. government

Office Buildings
Chemical research buildings
Data processing Center
New office building for the diamond industry in NYC

Charter schools
Chinese Christian charter school
Day care center
Children learning centers

Health Care
Senior Care Facilities:  Independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care
Urgent Care Center
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical College
Medical Office Buildings
Urgent Care Facilities
Proton care centers
Veterinary hospital
Wellness center
Expansion of University Hospital in Cleveland

Clinical research institute in Puerto Rico

Sports Stadiums
Sports stadium – Attleboro
Sports stadium -- Las Vegas
Sports stadium – Los Angeles
Atlantic Yards sports stadium
Renovation of Nassau Coliseum, Long Island
Auto racing track – Palm Beach County, FL
Expanding Hialeah racetrack, FL
Stadium and playing fields for amateur sports (e.g., Little League)

Other Recreational Facilities
Ski resorts
Golf courses
Country music
Orlando Skypark
Renovation of Queen Mary ship
Country and Western music center
Marina and yacht club
Amusement park
Ferris Wheel on Las Vegas strip
Destination resort area including winery
Children’s playrooms and party facilities
Fractional ownership marina
Casinos, separate from hotels

Hotels and Other Lodging
Extended-stay hotels
Full-service hotels
Luxury hotels
Resort hotels
Casino hotels
Conference centers
Student dormitories
Camper and RV Park

Fast-food seafood restaurant chain
Chain of frozen yogurt restaurants
Chain of Juiceblendz restaurants
Restaurant in Disney World
Restaurant chain for health foods
Restaurant in Disney World
Restaurant chain for health foods
Chain of Bar-b-q restaurants
Fast-food restaurant chain in Central California
Restaurant chain for pizza restaurants
Many individual restaurants
Many restaurants as part of multi-use commercial facilities

Other Services

​Dry cleaning in Puerto Rico

Parking garages