EB-5 Top 5 economists

Evans, Carroll & Associates (formerly Evans Economics) has been providing economic forecasting and consulting to clients since 1981. Previously, Michael K. Evans was founder and president of Chase Econometric Associates, Inc.  David R. Evans joined Evans, Carroll in 2012, focusing on EB-5 economic impact studies, and now leads the firm's EB-5 practice.

In recent years, Evans, Carroll has specialized in providing the underlying economic analysis for EB-5 projects, determining the number of total permanent new jobs that will be created by new projects funded by foreign investors in EB-5 regional centers.  We have become the leading firm offering this type of analysis. 

Evans, Carroll uses the RIMS II and IMPLAN regional input/output models to calculate the employment or output multipliers for each project, but that is only one of many steps in preparing the overall report.  The estimates of the direct new jobs created must be carefully calculated and can differ depending on local economic conditions, existing businesses in the area, and the mix of retail shopping, restaurants, offices, hotels, and other commercial buildings.   We use RIMS II for several reasons, including greater transparency, a preference by USCIS, and generally more jobs per dollar of expenditures.  

Evans, Carroll has also provided economic analysis for a large variety of other types of businesses, including but not limited to dairy farms, aquaculture, oil and gas drilling, alternative energy sources, research and development facilities, shipbuilding, inland ports, movie production, community centers, sports stadiums, and many other business opportunities.

In these uncertain times, the EB-5 regional center program provides almost a unique opportunity to attract foreign investors to your community, providing new investment opportunities, creating new jobs, and revitalizing the tax base.

Let us show you how to accomplish these goals.